The magic of Santa Claus - a scrapbook layout in Blueberry Crisp

Wow - we've had record breaking snow here in London.  At my house we got 3 feet of it in 2 days.  It's the worst storm to hit London since the 1920's.  Yet - we've been outside playing daily.  I threw Rachel into the snow in our front yard and she sank in up to her nose.  I didn't think that she would sink so far!  She just scowled at me.  I should have got a photo of that. 

I did snap some great photos of her meeting Santa Claus.  She said afterward, "Mom, I just love him so much".  It was adorable.  This layout was inspired by Sandra Ormandy who made this layout here.  I copied the concept for my layout and I am in LOVE with the result.  I am right in the middle of essays, exams and studying and it was nice to take a little break to scrapbook.  It's such a good way to de-stress.  Hope that you like it!

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Totallyawake said...

Alesha - totally love the embellishment heart!

Julie - Kewlstamps said...

I love it too... You will have to get all those exams out of the way and then take a few lines to let us know how you did it :-) On another note, we barely have 1 inch of snow here in Guelph! Can still see the grass!

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