Today's the big day - my final!

Today's the big day!  My final exam up at UWOis tonight.  I can not wait to get it over and done with.  I've been reading, re-reading, sorting, studying and honestly, I've had enough of this course.  Unfortunately today we got some tragic family news, so my mind has completely wandered out of the "study zone" however I am hopeful that once I sit down in front of the exam it all comes back to me.  My fingers are crossed, LOL!  Oh - I can't wait to focus on Christmas!  This year I had to put it on the backburner because of my exams and I am going to crack open my hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies and some old fashioned movies tonight when I get home.  I'm hoping to get all of my Christmas Cards addressed and mailed tomorrow as well!  Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!  Whoops!

Tomorrow my sweetie is having laser eye surgery, and from what I've heard he's going to be in a dazed stupour all day which will probably be hilarious!  He's anxious and nervous, but excited about being able to see without his glasses.  You all know how young he already looks, now it's going to look like I've robbed the cradle!

Have a wonderful week & I hope that you have a Great Christmas!  This is the first year that Rachel has understood what Christmas is all about - she's stalked every mall Santa in the city, discovered candy canes, and even knows a few carols.  I can't wait until she walks down the stairs on Christmas morning.  We're going to have to video record that!  Bye for now and give some tight hugs to those you love today!


Katie Doggart said...

Good luck on your exam. I am certain that you will do great!!
I can't wait to see videos and pictures of Rachel at Christmas.

Kristine said...

Good Luck Alesha, not that you'll need it, you'll rock that exam. I hope all goes well with Jamie's eye surgery. If you need anything just give me a call.

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