This was a funny morning....

Rachel has been very interested in dressing herself these last few months.  Back in December was the first time we decided to just let her go wild and do it all herself.  She started out good with panties and an undershirt.  Then this happened.

Instead of a sweater - she put on a housecoat.
Instead of socks - her Lightning McQueen slippers
Instead of brushing her hair - the hood from her snowsuit went on.
Then she added in some mittens as well.
Too funny!

Stampin' Up! Sale-A-BrationThank you for stopping by today!  Feel free to leave a comment - I love to read them! Many people have asked about my goal to get to Disney world.  Thanks for checking in on me!  I would have loved to go - but with the baby due soon, and a massive problem with my hips (and a household that is still sick) I've canceled most of my classes for the next two months.  So I won't reach my goals.  I'm disappointed, for sure, but taking care of myself, the baby and family are much more important.
Have a wonderful day,  

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Carlene said...

I have just stumbled across your blog and I love it :-) I am a new follower :-)

This layout really struck a cord with me...just such innocent fun!

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