Downtown Grunge kit - here are the 24 templates included in the kit.

Hope that you don't mind more photos of my wedding.  This was the only single event that I had enough photos to put into an album.  I need to get married again - think Jamie will go for it?  Anyways, here's the 24 templates that come in the kit.  I am posting them in the "raw" format that they come in meaning that I haven't added anything extra to them.  This is so you can get a good idea of what you're buying.  Please note that 5 of these "templates" are actually just a blank page with designer paper on it.  No idea why that is called a "template" because that's a little misleading, but whatev - it's still a smoking cool kit.  Here it is:

Downtown Grunge kit $24.95
Overall, the Downtown Grunge kit is a pretty good value.  It comes with great frames for photos, some fun handwritten lines for journaling, 4 sheets of designer papers that are nice and neutral, and 24 templates.  Want to buy it?  Click the link below - you'll be able to download it within minutes.

Have a wonderful day, Alesha 
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