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Welcome to our second My Digital Studio Blog Hop! I've joined up with a bunch of other Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, Digital Divas, to show you a bunch of great Birthday themed projects that have all been made with the My Digital Studio software.  This was a challenge that I was so excited for!  Rachel's first birthday was ladybug themed and I had the best idea for a layout planned...


Nursery DSP
but where were those ladybug photos stored in the computer - every photo is always filed into a folder according to month?  So I searched... and I searched... and I searched some more... then I started to get a little lump in my throat.  Kept searching... checked the other computer... checked our external hard drive... that lump was getting bigger.  But I have them all stored (meticulously catalogued by month)... and surely there's some mix-up - isn't there?  In fact, while looking for the cute lady bug birthday photos I am thinking to myself... where is the whole "October 2008" file?  Now, I'm more than concerned, and yes a quite freaking panicked.

gulp... and I
whisper to myself:

Oh.  No.  I.  Couldn't.  Have.  

could I have?  Tears streaming down my face... I realize that they're gone.  Completely.  The whole folder is gone.  Her whole first birthday.  That whole month.  Her Halloween. Her first haircut.  So... I took a day to compose myself and figure - get a grip we will eventually locate them.  There are benefits to having an IT professional for a husband... and hopefully he's got some magical powers that can find the files (despite me not being able to find anything in the backup systems).

Nursery DSP
So let's get scrapping and on with the birthday theme.  We'll just do a different layout... but, um... where's the "October 2009" folder?  Where's my girl's second birthday photos?  They're not in the 2009 folder... there just is no folder labelled October any more.  ugh.  Maybe they've been moved... so I search every single folder I have and... nope, they're missing.  Surely, I can not be T-H-E most rotten horrible mother who has lost not only her first birthday photos but also her second birthday photos.  facepalm.  A raging panic sets in - I search frantically for her 3rd birthday photos and thankfully they are there... so I here's what I have to show off for this weeks blog hop...

Birthday scrapbook layout

Recipe for this layout:
Nursery Designer paper $6.50
On this layout I used the Nursery designer Papers for the background paper.  I used tons of brads on the layout in colours that coordinated with my photos.  The font that I used on this layout is called "Quirkus".  It's a simple layout that has a lot of photos which, at this point, I am just grateful I have.

Hey Blog Hoppers -
I would like to invite you hop on over to these other wonderful blogs to check out the other My Digital Studio projects today.  They are just fantastic!  Each Friday we will be offering a new theme and I hope that you pop back weekly to check them all out.

Have a wonderful day, Alesha 
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Amber Meadows said...

oh, Alesha - I nearly started crying for you! I'm praying that your hubby can find the pics!! Despite all that I love the layout you did this week - sooo cute!

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